In Other News: May 23, 2011

For the dozen of people out there who may have noticed the lack of updates recently, all I can say is What? You frequently check this site? And to you all I can offer are apologies and the usual excuses. The moment the semester ended I found myself instantly swept up in a great whirlwind that sent me across the state, most of the Midwest, all while I was trying to maintain my sanity on the road. Spending most of my scheduled writing time on an academic paper that will likely be expanded upon in the fall for school credit, I found myself falling behind in the worst possible way: I neglected you, dear reader.

Know that I will try not to let it happen again – or at least if it happens, I will be sure to give you fair warning so you can stock up like the rapture’s coming. (This is not a silly reference to the May 21st disappointment; I am being completely serious because it’s actually coming on October 21st, but I probably did not need to tell you that.)[1]

In Other News:

  • After writing a letter to actress Anne Hathaway asking for a giraffe, all I got was this signed photograph. Because I am sure that you did not know any better, Anne, you will not be going on the Wall of Shame. You’re welcome.
  • We would like to offer a major thank you to PZ Myers from Pharyngula for writing a nice article about GDBPWSNBDG (“Why giraffes? I don’t know”), which made the article about this giraffe #11 on WordPress for May 7, 2011. Yes, we have seen the mountaintop.
  • The following is an excerpt from an email I received from another great professor here at the University:

I’ve very much enjoyed the website Giraffes Drawn By People Who Should Not Be Drawing Giraffes and wanted to share what I discovered just moments ago while grading my Instrumental Analysis final — a Giraffe Drawn By People Who Should Be Drawing Michelson Interferometers — Perhaps said student is also a fan…

  • It has been decided that there will now be a sister website to GDBPWSNBDG tentatively titled GDBPWSBDMI. It’s going to be huge.
  • Months ago we reported the birth of Zuri, a baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo, wishing her only the best. Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention that she recently broke her leg and the photographs of it are enough to melt your heart.

The News From You:

[1] Even though you may be tempted to give to Mr. Harold Camping’s independent ministry, I would just like to encourage you reconsider your donation. As an (un)registered nonprofit The Pretty Awful Giraffes Legal Defense Fund is currently broke.

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