If you’re committed to the revolution and would like to see survive, please consider joining the GDBPWSNBDG Street Team. If you’re committed to making giraffes survive generally, please consider donating to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

By joining the street team you will (when available) receive free pins and stickers and little certificates you can give to those you are personally gathering giraffes from. Not only does it help get the name of this little corner of the Internet out there, but it also removes from my shoulders the burden of personally harassing all of these nice people who should not be drawing giraffes.

(1) Members of the Awful Giraffes Street Team are expected to encourage their friends and family to visit and subscribe to the website and distribute materials in some of the following ways:

  • Give away G.D.B.P.W.S.N.B.D.G. swag to those likely to actually use them somewhere that’ll be seen.
  • Placing stickers in public places (in a legal manner, of course).
  • Liking the Pretty Awful Giraffes Facebook Page.
  • Following @AwfulGiraffes on Twitter.

(2) Members are expected to politely “throw down the gauntlet” and solicit giraffes from people who should not be drawing giraffes. While I can try my best to be everywhere at once, I need all of the help I can get. It was the street team, after all, who got the Sen. Al Franken and Dessa giraffes, for example. I can be contacted at Prest202[at]

(3) DONATE. Right now, all of the money we aren’t getting goes to renewing the domain name, postage (in order to invite more people to contribute), and swag to be given out to those who join the Street Team. (The Donation button on the right-hand side of the screen made its debut on July 28, 2013).

2 thoughts on “HELP US!

  1. Edzard Klapp, Vaihinger Strasse 19, DE-71144 Steinenbronn

    Brin : a Brin-class submarine built for and operated by Italy’s Regia Marina during World War II.
    In August 1942 Brin contributed to the axis opposition to the Pedestal convoy. During the action she brought down an allied Short Sunderland flying boat. While in the Mediterranean, she performed 17 patrols.
    At the Italian armistice, Brin was part of the Italian Fleet that surrendered to the allies in 1943. She was subsequently used on training operations in the Indian Ocean for the remainder of the war.
    This was the officious information. Really – the foto shows it – this ship was in the beginning made for use in the desert or steppe. Therefore, she had been painted with a total giraffe-comouflage. Unfortunately she was unable to drive and dive in the sands.
    For the foto look at Italian wikipedia !


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