Atheist Blogger and Feminist Jennifer McCreight

Jen McCreight wearing a "Gay? Fine by me." t-shirtJennifer McCreight is an atheist and feminist blogger who writes over at and  someone I had the pleasure of meeting when she visited the University of Minnesota-Morris on March 23, 2011. As part of a small lecture tour she was doing across the state during her spring spring she came to the campus to speak about “God’s Lady Problem: Breaking Up with Supernatural Beings,” which was both edgy and controversial. And how it could it not be – she equated one’s relationship to God with that of an abusive relationship according to the established and accepted signs of such a relationship? Though the turnout was about 30-40, I counted only about one walkout.

She is perhaps most known as the main organizer behind Boobquake (4/26/10), a “humorous exercise in scientific and skeptical thinking” seeking to disprove the claims of Iranian Islamic scholar Kazem Seddiqi‘s who believes that “women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” Needless to say the results were pretty straightforward: boobs do not cause earthquakes. Who would have thought?

Also, for someone with both activist/scientific success and a popular blog under her belt she is surprisingly apt at drawing giraffes.


8 thoughts on “Atheist Blogger and Feminist Jennifer McCreight

    1. Mildred

      Mi churri y yo llevamos 10 años casados y 3 de novios. De nuestra relacion nacio nuestro gran amor que se llama mar,ateste año toma ya la comunion y me vendria genial el regalo.

  1. Emily S.

    One thing I can see wrong with the drawing from an anatomical perspective. Giraffes’ hooves are cloven. Other than that, though, pretty AWESOME giraffe!

  2. Hugh

    The head looks like it might be more comfortable on My Little Pony than a giraffe but other than that, not bad at all.


    only thing i can see wrong other than what was said by Emily S, their hind legs have knees in the other direction. or maybe theyre called elbows then? iunno. but theyre backwards. If you check this page M(r)s. McCreight, great drawing!

    1. Anth F.

      A giraffe’s knee does not go backwards. What you’re mistaking for a knee is their ankle. The same is for Horses, Dogs, Cats, etc. …


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